Essential Summaries

This strategy is a comprehension strategy meant to expose students to the major ideas in an upcoming chapter or unit of study using recitation, discussion and repetition.

First you must have a written summary of important concepts and information of a chapter, unity or section of a text to be read.  The summary is edited so that it contains only essential information and its length and rhythmic flow make it memorable when read aloud.  The summary is written on a chart.  Identify all vocab that students will need to know for the text selection.  Prepare to introduce these words to students for study.  Next introduce the topic to the students and introduce and discuss the vocab.  On day 2 review the vocab and introduce the summary of the text in a rhythmic voice/style.  Model the way you want the students to recite the passage with you.  After they have recited the passage – put it away and go on with your day.  The next day – repeat the process.  On the third day, begin again in the same way but continue by discussing what the students know about the topic. Finally – read the text.  Teachers can develop this introduction for each unit of study/ topic to be studied and it can be given to those students who are academically behind so that they can begin to study and learn the major concepts to be taught prior to the other students. 
Essential Summaries

The above strategy is from Augusta Mann. The video examples below are part of the Miss Augusta Collection and Touching the Spirit™. Learn more at

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