LEARNING MODULE: The Pedagogy of Confidence – A Cooperative Process

No meaningful learning can happen without relationships.
—James Comer

Powerful Questions

Post James Comer’s quote on frame of reference in a place that all participants (and/or students) can see and read — online screen, poster and/or on a paper for small groups. Then model with you and one participant doing Powerful Questions on the quote. Continue with pairing up two students as a model for the class, then pair up all students. After 2-3 minutes, have participants share to the whole class. Later in this sequence, the students can return to their questions, write them on individual papers for classifying inductively by similar questions. Alternatively, the quote can be used concurrently with the image, or the image first, followed by the quote.

Virtually this can be modeled on Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Remo or similar with the whole grid showing.
Powerful Questions including brief overview, how the image was selected, and modeling with students.
Professional Development inductively categorizing questions.

Key Academic Vocabulary Prediction

The purpose of sharing key vocabulary prior to reading a text and/or viewing a video clip is to develop an understanding and knowledge of particular vocabulary with the goal of creating dialogue that increases interest and understanding of what is to read and/or watched.

 The Pedagogy of Confidence:  A Cooperative Process (Excerpt)

I have written this book with the intention of broadening the frame of reference for all who have influence on the destinies of our students—teachers, principals, superintendents, policymakers, parents, and community groups—with the hope that they will appreciate the fated reality that student motivation to learn is directly affected by teachers’ confidence in their students’ potential, concomitant with their own competence to nurture this potential. Teachers demonstrate their confidence in their students’ capacity to learn through fearlessly articulating, supporting and insisting upon the expectations that all of their students will learn.

The Pedagogy of Confidence, Yvette Jackson,
Columbia University Teachers College Press, 2011.

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