LEARNING MODULE: The High Operational Practices (HOPS)

“Dreaming is not only a necessary political act, but also a connotation of men’s and women’s socio-historical form of being. There is no change without dreams, just as there are no dreams without hope. Belief is what generates hope; hope generates possibilities; possibilities generate options; and options generate dreams.” 
—Paulo Friere

High Operational Practices are rooted in belief and belonging. The hope of dreams possible and being able to realize one’s dreams. 



We will begin with a community building exercise of Commonalities. This can be best done in a circle, but can be modified to work in any arrangement. The ‘commonality’ today will be strengths — something I have a strength with. The teacher will model first, sharing a personal strength and start crossing the circle. Anyone else with a similar strength will also cross the circle to a new spot on the circle. The teacher will pick a student who will share a personal strength of theirs — crossing the circle along with those who have a similar strength. They will pick a new person who continues with the same pattern.